"Giant corona problems"

They are revealed for the X-ray eye of Chandra if it looks at supernova remnants and filaments of galaxy clusters! If the detected iron atoms are ionised e.g. twenty five times thermally, we have again the unsolvable solar corona-problems in higher and higher dimensions:

" Why is the heat energy not lost in microseconds at these 10-100 million Kelvin?
" Why are the ten sunmasses of Cassiopeia A and the one billion sunmasses of Centaurus cluster and that of all these celestial bodies organized in filaments? The origin of the name "Krab" of M1 early showed these "legs".
" Why can all of our detectors not find a temperature-radiation? The mass would be more than enough for a perfect Planck-radiation.
" Why are the higher ionized iron atoms farther from their source?

The answer is simple: neither the iron ions in the solar corona, nor those in the supernova remnants nor in the galaxy clusters are in the plasma state of matter. Chandra shows them - similar to the electrons in the TV-beam - in a filament-state of matter i.e. in the fifth state of matter. Look also "The Electric Universe"!

Not long ago the Chandra satelite took a picture that made its way through the press. It raised questions which are difficult to answer, even with "modern" astrophysics.

A lot more simple is the answer I provide in my book "The Electric Universe".I have written this page to create a forum for scientists as well as for amateurs. So please do not hesitate to join in and take part in the discussion.

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These pulsars should have misaligned rotational and magnetic axes. If the magnetic axis just points us, we should see a pulse. But the X-ray pictures clearly show that the magnetic axis (the jets) are identical to the rotational axis in both pulsars, but the pulsars pulse. Moreover, theidentical two axes do not point us, but we see them.

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